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  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Healthy10 Awards.


7 great reasons to nominate your business or partnership!


Whether your partnership or business is large or small, the impact made within your community can be monumental. Here are seven great reasons to nominate your business or partnership!


1. Strengthens business and organizational planning

The application questions require that you devise a thoughtful and detailed evaluation plan. An evaluation plan incorporates strategic planning and program evaluation methods through denoting program goals, clarifying measurable program objectives, and linking program activities with intended outcomes. Audits of this kind can be used to “make the case” for increased funding opportunities, shareholder support, and community engagement—but most importantly, the metrics will show if the partnership has improved health and economic opportunity within the community.


2. Network with other professionals

The Healthy10 Awards will convene representatives from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors from around the country to share best practices and showcase how their work has helped advance health and economic opportunity within their communities.  This ceremony, and the subsequent events around the Health Means Business National Summit, provide plenty of time for networking—hopefully creating additional opportunities for partnerships and showcasing your business! Register to attend the event here.


3. Expert assessment of your business or partnership
By applying for the Awards, your partnership will undergo an assessment by a committee of business and societal experts, public sector leaders, academics, and nonprofit and health-care professionals selected by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Their review can help contribute to future planning and strategy.


4. Increase funding opportunities
Winning a Healthy10 Award can significantly raise the profile of your organization as the judging criteria require a level of transparency in the partnership’s activities, governance, and metrics.  Recognition can provide the credibility needed to attract new investments in your organization and the partnership.


5. Increase employee engagement
Your organization’s productivity and profitability can be directly traced to the performance of your employees. A Healthy10 Award can provide a greater sense of loyalty and commitment to the company. Engaged employees not only plan to stick around—helping to lower recruitment costs—but they are also enthused and motivated to do their share to make a positive impact in the community and on the bottom line


6. Impressive trophy!
Ten partnerships will be awarded with a trophy at the Healthy10 Awards ceremony—in front an audience of 300 leaders from the corporate, nonprofit, academia and government sectors.  This trophy can be showcased within the workplace as a visual acknowledgement of the employees’ contribution to making the partnership a success.  An impressive trophy can also continue to inspire the entire organization to continue their commitment to creating a Culture of Health. 


7. Last, but not least, raise awareness
Winning a Healthy10 Award can not only bring national attention to the health and equity need in your community, but also to the business or partnership’s commitment to changing those circumstances. National exposure of your program will position your organization as a best practice leader in advancing health and wellness—increasing the opportunity for additional partnerships with other organizations. 


Winning a Healthy10 Award can benefit your organization and strengthen the relationship between partners and community members. But don’t just take our word for it!


A number of organizations and business leaders have already joined our mission to foster a Culture of Health. Visit the Health Means Business Champions Network page for access to exclusive resources, tips, and peer-to-peer sharing on how to build healthier cities and towns.


You can read what Health Means Business Champions are already saying about the movement here



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